Vehicular Collisions

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Easily one of the most common causes of injury in the U.S. today, vehicular collisions are a major cause for safety concern that affect nearly everyone, whether they are drivers or passengers.

Automobile accidents including tractor trailer collisions and other types of wrecks can cause severe bodily injury, physical disability, and incur high costs in damages on their own-all of this without considering the costs of the time you may spend recovering from injury away from work or the pain and suffering that sadly accompany severe accidents. As if the inherent risks of driving at high speeds weren’t cause of enough accidents, road distractions such as signage, use of cell phones, texting, and animal crossings make the possibility of a serious collision even higher. Modern technology, while convenient, can create distractions leading to death or serious bodily injury.

Automobile Accident Claim in Columbia, South Carolina

Speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, vehicle malfunction, traffic signal malfunctions or poor weather conditions, are all common causes of traffic collisions, roll overs, and rear end accidents. Despite the usage of the term “accident”, however, very few car wrecks are truly unpreventable. Even if another driver is found at fault for your accident, that does not necessarily mean that their insurance will give you a fair deal when it comes to what the wreck may have cost you. Your cost of physical injury-be it broken bones, head trauma, spinal injury, back pain, or any other serious condition-is the most obvious consequence of your wreck.

However, there are many other costs to evaluate as well. Did you miss time from work? Did you have to rent a car? Are you able to perform the same activities at the same level you could before? Are you able to fully care for those who may depend you or your ability to drive? All of these concerns and more are things you should consider when looking back at your wreck and the injury you and your family have suffered.

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These are all issues that insurance may not consider when evaluating your claim. The Hawkins Law Firm has every experience you need in resolving automotive collisions. Over the years, we have assembled a knowledgeable and varied team of experts from every area of study from highway safety to mechanical engineering. Most importantly, we are fully dedicated to the full representation of every single one of our clients, no matter how small or large their claim may be. Don’t make the mistake of being discounted in the workload of a super-firm who only considers the monetary value of your claim; after all, the person most affected by your accident is YOU and YOUR peace of mind is what matters most.

If you have been involved in an accident, please give us a call at (803) 733-3531. There is no charge for a consultation with us to help evaluate and consider your potential claim.


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