Product Liability

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Despite the gambit of testing and safety agencies in the U.S. today, and the presence of consumer advocacy groups that evaluate new products hitting the market, product failure is still an increasing problem in today’s world. As manufacturers use cheaper materials to keep the costs of production lower and consumers gravitate towards lower priced options, the quality of items available suffers dramatically and makes device malfunction more common.

An often overlooked-but extremely important-duty of the manufacturer is to provide up to date, detailed warnings for their products that outline any associated risks or issues for people with special concerns that the product may affect.


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An unfortunate amount of products purchased by consumers today carry significant safety risks. Product liability laws allow consumers to hold manufacturers at fault for defects in the products that they put on the market. Products defects can lead to many complications for their users, including serious injury or even death.

Others may be fire hazards or cause other sorts of property damage to an unsuspecting consumer.


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Today, consumers see more guarantees and warranties for products than ever before. While these are all well and good when it comes to selling products to potential buyers, the willingness of a provider to actually support its warranty or a guarantee may not be anywhere near the level of commitment as originally advertised.

Many retailers also offer salesmen incentives to sell warranties, and this can lead to false information being given to a potential buyer in order to push the sale. This can unfortunately lead to situations where a retailer refuses to honor a warranty that they do explicitly cover.


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If manufacturers are not held to a standard when their products malfunction, products themselves will only become more dangerous and less reliable. If you or someone you know has been harmed by the failure of a defective or hazardous product, you have a legal right to hold the manufacturer responsible for your injuries or property damage.

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