What Should I do if I Suspect Medical Malpractice?

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What Should I do if I’ve suffered Medical Negligence?

The first step is to preserve evidence. The second is to consult with a qualified lawyer.

As indicated above, medical negligence can occur in many settings. For you to seek the help of a lawyer in determining if the injury you or a loved one has suffered is a matter that can be pursued through the courts, you need to keep track of what has occurred and who has knowledge of it.

Preserving evidence includes keeping a calendar of events and is always helpful for someone trying to analyze whether or not you have a claim. The calendar should include dates, times, events and the identification people who may be witnesses. You should also gather copies of medical records at the appropriate time.

Some hospitals now provide access to patient records in their data bases to their patients. These can be accessed through the internet with a password provided by the hospital or created through their instructions. You need to save the password in a safe place.

In a hospital setting, preserving evidence includes taking the names of  nurses and doctors who you come into contact with and whom you believe have seen or been involved in the injury. This can be done discretely and doesn’t have to cause a “fuss.”

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Why is Medical Malpractice Such an Important Issue?

Medical Malpractice is, as previously stated, a very common occurrence in the United States. It is an underreported issue, with hundreds of thousands of cases going unnoticed or undiagnosed. Unfortunately, much of the reason for this is the complexity involved in treating a patient in the medical field; it is difficult to ascertain whether or not a patient has suffered due to complications of their condition or the actual negligence of a person trusted to treat it.

We at the Law Office of Daryl Hawkins have an extensive list of knowledgeable, highly experienced, and dedicated experts who have decorated backgrounds in a range of medical professions. These experts include nurses, doctors, researchers, professors, and emergency responders who know how these cases work and know the procedures that medical professionals are required to perform.

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The most important thing you can do if you suspect that you’ve been mistreated in any way by a medical professional is to contact legal help as soon as possible. Many medical cases have an established statute of limitations that set a time limit on how long a case may remain valid for legal action.

The Law Office of Daryl Hawkins can help you sort out the issues of your case, and help you determine the right course of legal action for you. We would be happy for you to give us a call and see if we can help.

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Why Look to Us for Legal Help in Your Medical Malpractice Case?

Our law firm simplified the filing of medical malpractice lawsuits for thousands of South Carolinians.

We helped to level the playing field where a medical provider’s wrongful act was so obvious that lay people can understand it without the need for experts to explain the issues by prevailing in the case of Brouwer v. Sisters of Charity Providence Hospitals.


These notes are for guidance and general knowledge but are not intended to be legal advice and may not be relied upon as such. Questions seeking legal advice need to be asked of a lawyer and you should contact our office to set an appointment with a licensed lawyer.